1. How to Contact Venice Blueprint Staff? You can call our staff at 310.823.2679

Or email us at:  jobs@venblue.com

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2. Where is Venice Blueprint Located? 4040 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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3. When is Venice Blueprint Open? For your convience we are open:

Monday – Friday:  8:30 am to 6 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed*

*Open by appointment only on Saturdays.

We except FedEx Delivery Drop off until 6 pm Monday – Friday.

4. Current Print Prices

All Current Print Prices are listed on the Printing Options and Prices page.
5. Which file types can I print?

We can print the following file formats:

Autocad Native Flies
Vector Works (pc / mac)
PSD (photoshop files)
Illustrator (adobe)
Word Documents
PDF is our perferred file format.

6. I am having problems logging into my account Contact our staff via email and they can help you with your account.
7. Which Printers are used by Venice Blueprint? Here is the current list of prints we use. To learn more about each printer, click here to see printer detail.
  • Canon IR 8500

  • Canon CLC 1100 Color 12 x 18

  • OCE 9400 Large Format Plotter

  • Kip 8000 Large BW Format Plotter

  • HP Large Format Color

8. Where do I upload my digital file to be printed? Click on the Send Print File on the TOP BAR Navigation.
Or Click Here.

You upload your digital files, when you create your new print order.

When you fillout the Order Form, click the attach file button. A search window will open. Search for the file on your computer. Once you find it, just double click the file and you will see it now attached to the form.

Then just continue to fill out the order form, and hit send. Your order and your file will be sent to Venice Blueprint Staff.

FTP Your File
If you are having difficulties uploading your file with the order form, you may also upload your files via FTP.

FTP Settings:

Server: ftp.venblue.com
User: jobs@venblue.com
Password: venblue

Use Passive Mode for data transfers

After you upload your files, please come back and fill in the order form, and just indicate you have FTP your file. If you do not fill in the order form, our staff will not print your job.

9. FTP Applications Here are a few good (free) FTP applications if you need one. Just click on the links and download and install the application. Then use the settings above to connect to our FTP server. But remember, you can always just attach your file to your order form above. That is the best option.

FTP Applications for Apple Computers

Transmit by Panic:
FTP / SFTP client with many advanced features
View / Download

Fetch a Mac Standard:
FTP / SFTP client
View / Download

Version Tracker Full Mac List of FTP Applications:
View List

FTP Applications for Window Computers

Crystal FTP:
FTP / SFTP client with many advanced features
View / Download

Coffee Cup Free FTP :
FTP client
View / Download

Version Tracker Full Windows List of FTP Applications:
View List

10. How does billing work, do I need to open an account. We bill customers with a Venice Blueprint Credit account once a month. You can provide us with a credit card to automatically bill you card each month, or you can mail in your payment after you recieve your invoice.

You can receive your invoice via email or request a hard copy. The preference is set within your account settings online. Just click on your
Account Information Below

If you do not have a Venice Blueprint Credit Account, then each Job must be paid in full when you pickup your order.

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